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Be thee aware my Brothers, for someone is lurking, seeking to steal your very soul. When she comes, she appears as an angel and you think all your prayers have been answered. Her surface beauty and charm will make you overlook what lies beneath. Did she come to help or hurt?


Beware of the one who comes with the nature of a parasite, thinking she is somehow entitled to everything you have. Once she starts taking, she will not stop until you have been devoured. The bitter sweet sound of her voice and her shallow loving tender ways will lead to your destruction. Her black soul will triumph as another bites the dust.

Many a strong man has been weakened by what they thought would give them strength. Deception is her passion and she ranks high among the thieves. Run as fast as you can, for if she entices you, it may be too late. She looks forward to spitting and dancing on your grave.

Character, integrity, compassion, honesty, and selflessness are foreign concepts to her, since they would only impede her mission to seek, steal, and eventually kill. CAUTION, whenever you think that special someone has come into your life, ask her this very important question: “Who Sent You?”.


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