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First of all, I did not write this book. I only documented my experience with the young woman who came from hell to destroy as much as she could. Yes, all credit should go to that woman, for without her there would not be a story.


Through this experience I have learned that trust, compassion, and generosity can be serious liabilities and result in one’s demise. I have lived a sheltered life believing that people treat others the way they want to be treated. That’s not always true. There are heathen savages out there who will take all you have and then destroy you.


Caution, don’t me swayed by someone who is always reading the Bible and seeking the Word. That person could literally be Satan in the Flesh. This book represents what happens when you let a dark spirit into your home.


Also, be very careful about who you consider a friend. It was a ‘friend’ who told this demon about me, knowing exactly what the demon was seeking. I became a prime target.
In conclusion, I can’t blame anyone but myself. I let a demon into my life. When the demon first appeared,


I asked her, “Who sent you?” she would not respond.